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What is the meaning of decentralized in Hindi?

Meaning of decentralized in Hindi is : विकेन्द्रित

Definition of word decentralized

  • Simple past tense and past participle of decentralize. (verb)
  • not centralized; having no center or several centers (adjective)

Examples of word decentralized

    • It is possible to build applications for participating in decentralized conversations around various ideas and trends.
    • Ever since the heady days of the pre-scream Howard Dean campaign, a lot of us who are interested in decentralized systems and emergent behavior have wondered when politicians would start to use new collaborative technology to do something other than organize rallies and raise money.
    • I am not a central planner; I believe in decentralized decision-making by the people directly concerned and I believe that the economic system should serve the population-not the reverse.
    • It is my conviction, and I believe that my friend from Quebec will agree, that education can and must be decentralized from the provincial level as well.
    • Veidekke is characterized by a decentralized organizational model with a strong corporate culture and a high degree of employee involvement.


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