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What is the meaning of decision making in Hindi?

Meaning of decision making in Hindi is :

Definition of word decision making

  • Alternative form of decision-making. (noun)

Examples of word decision making

  • As to what nondiscriminatory yet easy-to-administer rule there might be, a coin toss would do; random decisionmaking is actually the rule in many places when an election results in a tie.
  • If my decisionmaking is faulty at any point, and costs my company money, my job may be in jeapordy.
  • Relatively few are keen on taking responsibility, or exercising freedom in decisionmaking, and relatively few are happy about taking orders.
  • A great deal of undesireable legislation and executive decisionmaking is going to happen during this period, hiding in plain sight.
  • It appears democratic decisionmaking is not unique to humans, and is in fact favored by selection.


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