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What is the meaning of declaim in Hindi?

Meaning of declaim in Hindi is : सुनाना

Definition of word declaim

  • To object to something vociferously; to rail against in speech. (verb)
  • To recite, e.g., poetry, in a theatrical way. (verb)

Examples of word declaim

    • "There's a fierce gray bird with a bending beak," that the boys loved so dearly to "declaim;" and another poem by this last author, which we all liked to read, partly from a childish love of the tragic, and partly for its graphic description of an avalanche's movement: --
    • From the latter, there are some who pretend to be free: they are generally such as declaim against the lust of wealth and power, because they have never been able to attain any high degree in either: they boast of generosity and feeling.
    • Only Thor's evil brother, Loki Tom Hiddleston, gets to declaim any flavorsome lines.
    • SCOTT SIMON, host: In Washington, D.C. this week, something happened just a few blocks from Congress, where politicians debate and declaim about illegal immigrants.
    • Nay, the members of a union will declaim in impassioned rhetoric for the God-given right of an eight-hour day, and at the time be working their own business against seventeen hours out of the twenty-four.


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