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What is the meaning of declaimed in Hindi?

Meaning of declaimed in Hindi is :

Definition of word declaimed

  • Simple past tense and past participle of declaim. (verb)

Examples of word declaimed

  • Of late an act of Parliament has passed declaratory of their full right to one as well as the other, in matter of libel; and the bill having been brought in by a popular gentleman, many of his party have in most extravagant terms declaimed on the wonderful acquisition to the liberty of the press.
  • One can fancy the whole passage spoken by an orator; indeed it is difficult to resist the illusion that it was "declaimed" before it was written.
  • The depth of feeling that burns inside bin Laden about his holy war could be seen during the January 10, 2001, wedding ceremony of his son Muhammad, where one of his youngest sons, then aged eight, made a short speech captured on video in which he declaimed, I stand for a jihad against the infidels today and shall do so until eternity.
  • The hundreds of guests at the marriage feast cheered him on with chants of “Allah Akbar!” as he declaimed his poem, a performance that was videotaped for Al Jazeera by Zaidan.
  • Claude Debussy Paris, France, 1902This sensuous, Symbolist tragedy in 12 tableaux marks a radical departure: instead of arias and set pieces, the text is declaimed, inspired by Wagner, over an ever-moving orchestration.


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