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What is the meaning of declaiming in Hindi?

Meaning of declaiming in Hindi is :

Definition of word declaiming

  • Present participle of declaim. (verb)

Examples of word declaiming

  • Generally speaking, it's a Conservative call declaiming the dissolution of Christian values in mainstream discourse and governance.
  • a great deal of crude thinking and declaiming which is in fashion.
  • What is so alarming about all this is that Labour has let in to this country all sorts of appalling people who end up declaiming real hatred and real threats to our people.
  • Sean shouts, before declaiming the sentence one more time.
  • Two of the groups last heard declaiming about "net neutrality," Public Knowledge and the New America Foundation, recently wrote to the Federal Communications Commission demanding an investigation, saying data caps "carry the omnipresent temptation to act in anticompetitive and monopolistic ways."


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