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What is the meaning of declaims in Hindi?

Meaning of declaims in Hindi is :

Definition of word declaims

  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of declaim. (verb)

Examples of word declaims

  • One of his three personae is his own murdered father: As the ghost he wears the elder Hamlet's military greatcoat, and declaims the poetry in a distinctly different, booming voice.
  • Williams also produced a creamy tone on her softly sung phrases, some ravishingly floated high notes and an arresting chest voice that paid dividends in the spoken excerpts of classical plays that Adriana declaims at several points in the opera.
  • This piece adds a single Chinese-opera singer; and for all that she sings beautifully only twice, and declaims the rest of the time, making the noise of a particularly unhappy cat, it is a convincing meld of East and West, and a ravishing spectacle few in the audience will forget.
  • The toilets are precious few, with excruciatingly long queues, and when Henthorn comes back, he declaims, "Whoever planned this thing was no logistician."
  • As the forceful Miss Volker declaims: "Every living soul is a book of their own history, which sits on the ever-growing shelf in the library of human memory."


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