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What is the meaning of declaration in Hindi?

Meaning of declaration in Hindi is : विज्ञप्ति

Definition of word declaration

  • A written or oral indication of a fact, opinion, or belief. (noun)
  • A list of items for various legal purposes, e.g. customs declaration. (noun)
  • The act or process of declaring. (noun)
  • The act, by the captain of a batting side, of declaring an innings closed. (noun)
  • In common law, the formal document specifying plaintiff’s cause of action, including the facts necessary to sustain a proper cause of action, and to advise the defendant of the grounds upon which he is being sued. (noun)
  • The specification of a variables type (noun)

Examples of word declaration

  • In the beginning (or when a size needs to be set) we can add pos = to the label declaration in order to make clearer what the values are setting self. fore_label = wx.
  • For football coaches, such a declaration is a badge of honor.
  • "That's what I call a declaration of war," said the general.
  • "The Victorian Bar recommends that the term declaration not be used if such a remedy is adopted.
  • The declaration is supposed to define “fundamental freedoms” and “human rights” in the legally binding UN Charter.


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