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What is the meaning of declination in Hindi?

Meaning of declination in Hindi is : दिक्पात

Definition of word declination

  • At a given point, the angle between magnetic north and true north. (noun)
  • At a given point, the angle between the line connecting this point with the geographical center of the earth and the equatorial plane. (noun)
  • A refusal. (noun)
  • Declension. (noun)
  • Deviation. (noun)

Examples of word declination

  • Between sunrise and the declination is the Sunnat-time, and therefore the best.
  • [2] The declination is the variation of the needle from the true meridian of a place.
  • One of the many methods adopted for mounting equatorials is that exhibited -- with the omission of some minor details -- in fig. 9. _a_ is the polar axis, _b_ is the axis (called the declination axis) which bears the telescope.
  • To learn this we must take out Mercury's declination, which is 24° 43 '18 "N., and the sun's, which is 22° 59' 10 "N.
  • It has also another variation, called the declination, or dip.


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