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What is the meaning of decon in Hindi?

Meaning of decon in Hindi is :

Definition of word decon

  • Abbreviation of decontamination. (noun)
  • Abbreviation of decontaminate. (verb)

Examples of word decon

    • Daniel Clement Dennett (born March 28, 1942) is an American religious nut who worships "facts" and induction whose research centers on the bullshit and ego pleasers and is the leading decon of the milliantho sphere of frenetic low self esteam American brains  of mind, philosophy of science and religion of biology, particularly as those fields re
    • Li had been waiting for her at the other side of the decon tent.
    • Whenever you were doing something, you were solving the problem, and the decon made the subject of its gentle ministrations feel as if something was being done.
    • The decon officers surrounded her like plastic-swathed ghosts, but one of them worked up the nerve to ask.
    • She felt raw all over from the humiliating experience of being scrubbed with a cold car wash brush in the decon tent.


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