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What is the meaning of decorticate in Hindi?

Meaning of decorticate in Hindi is : छीलना

Definition of word decorticate

  • To peel or remove the bark, husk, or outer layer from something (verb)
  • To surgically remove the surface layer, membrane, or fibrous cover of an organ etc (verb)

Examples of word decorticate

    • When we got there I was in a VFib and had seizures -- I was resuscitated, shocked multiple times, stabilized, and transferred to a larger center in a decorticate position.
    • He sat on the wooden side walk with his drunken palpitations, like a paralyzed cowboy at a decorticate ranch.
    • It assumes that patients are decorticate victims of circumstance - what an insult to their autonomy and intelligence.
    • Many consumers decorticate (dehull) the grain before grinding it into various particle sizes for use in different products.
    • The writer referred to says that, for the common varieties, some machinery, like the cotton seed huller, is necessary to decorticate them.


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