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What is the meaning of decretal in Hindi?

Meaning of decretal in Hindi is : डिक्रीत

Definition of word decretal

  • Pertaining to a decree. (adjective)
  • A papal decree. (noun)
  • Any decree or pronounced instruction. (noun)

Examples of word decretal

  • When pontifical enactments take the form of responses they are called decretal epistles.
  • In the first section of the decretal is a list of the canonical books of the Bible, as in the
  • This right of a married person to bonk on demand could take priority over other duties and was such serious business that, until a decretal from Pope Innocent III (1198-216), a man needed his wife's permission to go on a Crusade because without him home she might be led to commit adultery.
  • At length came one Gregory IX., an enemy to emperors and kings, who, by a decree, made the bonds of marriage indissoluble; and his decretal became the law of Europe.
  • This same decretal of Pope Gregory II., which permits bigamy in certain cases, denies conjugal rights forever to the boys and girls, whom their parents have devoted to the Church in their infancy.


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