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What is the meaning of decrying in Hindi?

Meaning of decrying in Hindi is :

Definition of word decrying

  • Present participle of decry. (verb)

Examples of word decrying

  • Where was the Republican leadership in decrying this absurdity??
  • The discussion of literature that I take Brad to be decrying is not really about how “deep” a piece of work is.
  • While I wasn't at GDC and so I'm only hearing about Heather Chaplin's rant second hand, it seems like in decrying the lack of a "Citizen Kane" in games is missing an important point: games are a fundamentally different media from film, music, literature, etc., despite many overt similarities.
  • Meanwhile, though, let me tell you this: the next time some Republican asks you why you aren't more aggressive in decrying some misconduct by some Democrat, you can now laugh heartily, spit on the floor, and walk away.
  • Meanwhile. the OL! blog says that the Albanian Mjaft! youth movement has joined dozens of other international organizations and groups in decrying the detention of the activist-bloggers.


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