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What is the meaning of decrypt in Hindi?

Meaning of decrypt in Hindi is : विगूढ़

Definition of word decrypt

  • To convert an encrypted or coded text or message into plain text. (verb)
  • A decoded communication. (noun)

Examples of word decrypt

    • First, they can run the communications -- live or on tape -- through a so-called decrypt processor.
    • I'm guessing that I have to somehow "decrypt" that pattern or something to find the REAL password?
    • If I change any properties on these selected files, it reports that it is about to "decrypt" the files.
    • So how do we tell if those attacks are coming in and how do we "decrypt" those binary strings that accompany the attacker's requests?
    • While it would be technically possible to encrypt the data between a keyboard and browser, it probably wouldnt be a generally workable solution and would require a plugin in the browser to 'decrypt' the data, rather than encrypt it. from the product of the trend micro website "


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