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What is the meaning of defeat in Hindi?

Meaning of defeat in Hindi is : हारअ

Definition of word defeat

  • To overcome in battle or contest. (verb)
  • The act of defeating or being defeated. (noun)

Examples of word defeat

    • The fact that so many evangelicals would rather see the recent HCR legislation, with its guarantee of ending the onerous “pre-existing condition” stuff, go down in defeat is a crisp and clear comment on the utter moral depravity of evangelicalism.
    • Usually, what local parties do when certain defeat is in the offing is find some young up and comer and promise him or her the moon down the road in exchange for going down with the ship this time out.
    • What is really meant by the term defeat in the parlance of conventional military aims when facing a shadowy global terrorist network?
    • Menace in the pre-emptive smear that the only thing that could bring about an Obama defeat is the inherent racism of the American voters – a smear that potentially identifies all those who vote against him as public enemies.
    • Karzai gives us an honorable exit, unlike in Iraq, where our defeat is there for all to see and savour.
    • Some days I wonder whether many in the news media personally identify with Lieberman, so that his defeat is theirs.
    • Since Washington's hostile and hawkish policies have always been against the Iranian nation, this defeat is actually an obvious victory for the Iranian nation.
    • Furthermore, he said, "their defeat is an absolute certainty, as is our superiority, and all we have to do is assert it."
    • On Capitol Hill, meanwhile, Democrats are hailing what they call a defeat for the Bush administration.