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What is the meaning of defect in Hindi?

Meaning of defect in Hindi is : न्यूनता

Definition of word defect

  • A fault or malfunction. (noun)
  • To abandon or turn against; to cease or change one's loyalty. (verb)

Examples of word defect

    • Skimping here could end up costing plenty if you discover a title defect after you own the property.
    • Democrats will need at least two Republicans -- possibly more -- to defect from a hard-line anti-deficit spending stance in order to break a filibuster.
    • This last defect is all the more glaring since the 'war on terror' in its varied aspects is supposedly global.
    • In short, your personality defect is the fact that you could easily be a sociopath, because you are calculating, unemotional, brutal, and arrogant.
    • The only escape is to defect from the Party, like Joe Lieberman.


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