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What is the meaning of defenseless in Hindi?

Meaning of defenseless in Hindi is : रक्षाहीन

Definition of word defenseless

  • Lacking any form of defense; vulnerable; open to attack. (adjective)

Examples of word defenseless

  • Two decades ago, of course, the term "defenseless receiver" hadn't been invented.
  • Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff lamented the deaths of what she called "defenseless children" and asked for a minute of silence to honor the youngsters.
  • You don’t really understand what the word defenseless means till you see that.
  • Remain defenseless and at the mercy of the criminals, hoping the Police can get there in time if things really go South.
  • We all love our democracy and hate the idea of defenseless detainees being tortured because of big bro 43's ignorant penchant for making others suffer.


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