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What is the meaning of deference in Hindi?

Meaning of deference in Hindi is : सम्मान

Definition of word deference

  • Great respect. (noun)
  • The willingness to carry out the wishes of others. (noun)

Examples of word deference

    • The first kind of deference is relatively uncontroversial, I suspect.
    • They asked for US help for missile defense, and were told to shove it, in deference Russia.
    • So I use the word savages with some hesitation, in deference to the people who may, somewhere, be still running around in loin cloths and eating raw meat, and who suffer by the comparison.
    • Bobby is clearly only an after thought … The meeting of Loons happening IN HIS OWN STATE and for all he knows, getting laughed off the stage … in deference to the Swag-Hag??
    • If they barred Jews from serving, that determination would be subject to substantial deference from the courts, and in any event might not prevent Congress from requiring military recruiters on campus.


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