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What is the meaning of deferent in Hindi?

Meaning of deferent in Hindi is :

Definition of word deferent

  • Showing deference. (adjective)
  • That which carries or conveys. (noun)
  • An imaginary circle surrounding the Earth, in whose periphery either the heavenly body or the centre of the heavenly body's epicycle was supposed to be carried round. (noun)

Examples of word deferent

  • Whatever it is, it’s recognizable by many in deferent ways that keeps them coming.
  • It must be remembered that the apparent planetary motions are epicyclical, each planet revolving in its own orbit, the epicycle, around the sun, and with the sun, as centre of the epicycle, apparently around the earth in a common orbit, which is called the deferent orbit.
  • Meanwhile, Francine, the family's long-serving and eager-to-leave maid, finds her polite and deferent veneer punctured at the end of a lengthy and explosive conflict in which her husband Albert tries to intervene physically.
  • LOL not much combat going on in 73. well overt combat,,, i know covert a deferent story.
  • I heard a deferent reason as well to the banning of pork.


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