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What is the meaning of deferential in Hindi?

Meaning of deferential in Hindi is : सम्मानपूर्ण

Definition of word deferential

  • respectful and considerate; showing deference (adjective)
  • of, or relating to the vas deferens (adjective)

Examples of word deferential

    • The word deferential seems like a negative for me, as though she was telling me I was passive, too quiet or not as strong as other supervisors.
    • She composed her features into what she hoped was an expression of deferential alertness.
    • He reached forward and, head bowed in deferential respect, he made so as to lift the holy book, and it yielded to his purity and righteousness, and opened for him.
    • His strongly gentle features held an expression of deferential respect without being ingratiating.
    • In a brief couple of paragraphs she talks about the novel’s opening scene and points to Fitzgerald’s unusual use of the word deferential and notes how the phrase “rotted like water lilies among the massed pines” evokes what “will come to seem increasingly applicable to much of what happens in a novel that is partly about the dissolution and decay of romance and beauty.”


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