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What is the meaning of deficient in Hindi?

Meaning of deficient in Hindi is : हीन

Definition of word deficient

  • Lacking something essential; often construed with in. (adjective)
  • Insufficient or inadequate in amount. (adjective)

Examples of word deficient

  • Exactly how much vitamin D children and adults should get, and defining when they are deficient, is under debate.
  • Because the thought that smokers are somehow mentally weak and that their lives are deficient is wrong.
  • Unsupervised children wandering around with soulless eyes and vitamin deficient skin.
  • Finally, with only 4-11 foot through lanes the tunnel is capacity deficient from the git-go.
  • Produced and directed by Hank Bedford, this short followed the extremely energetic (and possibly Ritalin deficient) road warrior gearing up for another summer of peddling educational books.


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