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What is the meaning of definition in Hindi?

Meaning of definition in Hindi is : स्पष्‍टता

Definition of word definition

  • A statement of the meaning of a word or word group or a sign or symbol (dictionary definitions). (noun)
  • A statement expressing the essential nature of something; formulation (noun)
  • The action or process of defining. (noun)
  • The act of defining; determination of the limits. (noun)
  • A product of defining. (noun)
  • The action or power of describing, explaining, or making definite and clear. (noun)
  • Clarity of visual presentation, distinctness of outline or detail. (noun)
  • Clarity, especially of musical sound in reproduction. (noun)
  • Sharp demarcation of outlines or limits. (noun)
  • The degree to which individual muscles are distinct on the body. (noun)
  • A statement which provides a previous delcaration with a value or body of a subroutine (in the case of function). (noun)

Examples of word definition

  • The definition of Ëœdefinitionâ„¢ for Protothetic run to 18 separate complex clauses, and in Ontology, which adds a second style of definition, another 18 clauses.
  • By that definition, a manifesto is suspect as a *definition* of the community.
  • Apple's definition of the design phase, is that it consists of four sub phases focusing on ... becoming familiar with the device and the context in which it is used, product definition*, design & prototype on paper, polish & refine to develop an application with a fantastic user experience.
  • In order to be an “air pollutant” under the Act’s definition, the “substance or matter being emitted into . . . the ambient air” must also meet the first half of the definition’€”namely, it must be an “air pollution agent or combination of such agents.”
  • Love GOD and Love your neighbor (which in definition is anyone believer and not)!


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