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What is the meaning of deform in Hindi?

Meaning of deform in Hindi is : विरुपित करना

Definition of word deform

  • To remove the form of. (verb)
  • To remove the looks of; to disfigure; as, a face deformed by bitterness. (verb)
  • To mar the character of; as, a marriage deformed by jealousy. (verb)
  • To alter the shape of by stress. (verb)
  • To become misshapen or changed in shape. (verb)
  • Deformed, misshapen. (adjective)

Examples of word deform

  • The Wyden-Bennett Bill has me very concerned about what deform is coming.
  • Financial deform is next, insiders defending insiders. joe from Lowell says:
  • And are continuing on legislation with respect to this health care deform which is and has been clearly disputed as outside their also legal authority, and Constitutional duties and functions other than to regulate those industries more significantly in order to reduce those costs, since it has been the costs, not the availability, that has been the major problem for most of those that still remain uninsured.
  • Having read the bill, it is clear now that what started as health reform has emerged from the political process as health "deform," building on ... '
  • This situation and "deform" is getting more and more laughable as it "progresses."


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