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What is the meaning of defraud in Hindi?

Meaning of defraud in Hindi is : परिवंचित करना

Definition of word defraud

  • To obtain money or property by fraud; to swindle (verb)

Examples of word defraud

  • When used in such a manner the term defraud has a legal rather than a dictionary meaning, and the legal interpretation of fraud or defraud is applied to those acts which seek to obtain that which has monetary value and to do so in an manner deamed illegal.
  • Madigan viewpoint: As the Court noted, speech in furtherance of a scheme to defraud is not speech protected by the First Amendment.
  • Also, since Sauron’s intent was to defraud from the outset, can he gain/profit from his illegal activities?
  • Mark's quotation of the Decalogue is unusual inasmuch as it refers to a commandment not to defraud, which is interesting.
  • Thou shalt not defraud, that is, deceive or beguile.


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