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What is the meaning of degrade in Hindi?

Meaning of degrade in Hindi is : मूल्य घटाना

Definition of word degrade

  • To lower in value or social position. (verb)
  • To reduce in quality or purity. (verb)

Examples of word degrade

    • Marty Sader has accomplished that very feat as we watch him degrade from a healthy, caring human being to a rail-thin piece of filth rotting in the corner.
    • You can wach them bio degrade, which is always a wonderful thing.
    • If he says that things cannot degrade, that is, change downwards into lower forms, ask him, who told him that water-babies were lower than land-babies?
    • Your noblesse did not deserve punishment: but to degrade is to punish.
    • You punish a number of individuals who have been advanced under the existing order of things to the highest offices in the magistracy of the city; I say you punish, because to degrade is to punish.


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