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What is the meaning of degrees in Hindi?

Meaning of degrees in Hindi is :

Definition of word degrees

  • Plural form of degree. (noun)

Examples of word degrees

  • God hath preferred those who are strenuous with their wealth and their persons to those who sit still, by many degrees, and to each hath God promised good, but God hath preferred the strenuous for a mighty hire over those who sit still, ¬ódegrees from him, and pardon and mercy, for God is forgiving and merciful.
  • To put the case more concisely, the _Star of the North_ had been carried for the distance of _four degrees and a half_ exactly of longitude backward on her outward track to New York and some _two degrees_ or thereabouts to the southwards, placing us as nearly as possible in the position the skipper had already indicated, a direction of some five hundred miles more or less from our proper course and about midway between Bermuda and the Azores, or Western Islands.
  • He does not, for instance, distinguish between the complication of a given structure and the mode of execution of a plan, both of which are combined in what he calls degrees of perfection.
  • From the data obtained this way, he builds a model that describes what we know as degrees of freedom.
  • The automatic permissions are granted because certain degrees/types of sampling/quotation or lending/resale are the legitimate right of the audience.
  • He received his undergraduate and medical degrees from the University of Michigan.