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What is the meaning of delegate in Hindi?

Meaning of delegate in Hindi is : सौप्ना

Definition of word delegate

  • a person authorized to act as representative for another; a deputy (noun)
  • a representative at a conference, etc. (noun)
  • an appointed representative in some legislative bodies (noun)
  • a type of variable storing a reference to a method with a particular signature, analogous to a function pointer (noun)
  • to authorize someone to be a delegate (verb)
  • to commit a task to someone, especially a subordinate (verb)
  • (Internet) (of a subdomain) to give away authority over a subdomain; to allow someone else to create sub-subdomains of a subdomain of yours (verb)

Examples of word delegate

  • On Wednesday the Clinton camp started pushing hard on the idea that a delegate is a delegate and if they need to pack on super delegates to overwhelm Obama's edge with elected delegates then so be it.
  • Under the Delegate Selection Rules, a delegate is asked to "in good conscience reflect the sentiments of those who elected them."
  • If we take a look at the -- what we call the delegate equivalence in Washington state on the Republican side, you can see how close it is.
  • Not easy to do that because in some of the states where there are caucuses, they don't release the popular vote, they just release what they call the delegate equivalent.
  • These are what they call delegate equivalents, as opposed to the hard number of voters coming in, 9,870 for Barack Obama to 4,661.


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