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What is the meaning of deliciousness in Hindi?

Meaning of deliciousness in Hindi is : स्वादुता

Definition of word deliciousness

  • The state or quality of being delicious. (noun)

Examples of word deliciousness

  • It really doesn't matter if it's fall, winter, summer, or spring ... deliciousness is never out of style.
  • The tour to which all of this deliciousness is but a prelude!
  • There would be a certain deliciousness in Dotzauer paying off his loan with the proceeds from a libel suit against you, though.
  • But the days of this culinary lottery appear to be numbered as a substance first known only to science - bottled 'deliciousness' - is coming to the High Street.
  • The garbage food that’s been engineered for its deliciousness is what they want to eat when tempted by its presence.


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