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What is the meaning of delightful in Hindi?

Meaning of delightful in Hindi is : सुहावना

Definition of word delightful

  • Pleasant; pleasing, bringing satisfaction, enjoyment or pleasure. (adjective)

Examples of word delightful

  • After a short visit which Josephine made to St. Leu, and which she describes as delightful, she returned to Malmaison, and Hortense went to the springs of Aix-la-Chapelle, taking her two children with her.
  • Inut is a delightful adventure with spectacular scenery -- winning the Woodstock Film Festival's cinematography award -- paced for Greenland culture and the mammoth landscape, while revealing a culture under attack in delightful story telling fashion.
  • It is paced for the Greenlandic tempo and the desolate landscape, as it reveals a culture under attack in delightful story telling fashion.
  • Also delightful is the fact that Sawako never once entertains the notion of changing her appearance; she just wants to introduce her classmates to the girl on the inside.
  • You spend much more of your time wincing at noxious stinks, than reveling in delightful aromas.


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