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What is the meaning of delude in Hindi?

Meaning of delude in Hindi is : मोहित करना

Definition of word delude

  • To deceive into believing something which is false; to lead into error; to dupe. (verb)
  • To frustrate or disappoint. (verb)

Examples of word delude

  • African Union summit, Mugabe said opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai should not "delude" himself into thinking the result of the June 27 poll could be expunged from the record books and should renounce his claims to the presidency.
  • And we should remember that Satan has his wonders, which, though they are juggling tricks rather than real miracles, are such as delude the ignorant and inexperienced.
  • “Don't delude yourself, Ellen,” he whispered to me once, as we stood in the doorway of her darkened room.
  • And yet you continue to delude yourself into thinking that the NIRA had something to do with the length of a global depression.
  • I prefer to interpret it (read: delude myself) as showing love for the comics of an earlier age.


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