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What is the meaning of demarche in Hindi?

Meaning of demarche in Hindi is : नीत

Definition of word demarche

  • Alternative spelling of démarche. (noun)

Examples of word demarche

  • "The family is wealthy and powerful and the president does not seem to want to hand him in," said Ms Gibb, who last week presented a "demarche" - a formal diplomatic statement
  • While welcoming the announcement with respect to humpback whales, Australia last night led a formal diplomatic protest - known as a demarche - in Tokyo to mark the start of Japan's 2007-08 whaling season.
  • It has led the State Department to indicate that it would lodge a protest in a formal letter -- called a demarche -- with Beijing.
  • A demarche is a formal communication -- typically delivered in person by a diplomat based oversees to a foreign government -- that sets out his or her country's views, for example to protest against a policy or action.
  • The agency has sent a formal request, known as a demarche, to the Chinese government asking for the review, according to a State Department official.


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