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What is the meaning of demeanor in Hindi?

Meaning of demeanor in Hindi is : व्यवहार

Definition of word demeanor

  • the social non-verbal behaviours (such as body language and facial expressions) that characterise a person (noun)

Examples of word demeanor

  • Mr. Friedman, who's been writing his column for over a decade (before that he co-edited New York magazine's Intelligencer column and contributed to The Observer), has been a controversial figure for negative things he's written, like a recent column on Julia Roberts in which he called her demeanor at the premiere of Duplicity "unexpected and chilling."
  • Having recently experienced ER care in a Jersey City hospital and a week later minor surgery (with total anesthesia) in one in Bayonne, I can say with certainty that “amenities” such as responding to reasonable requests, pleasant demeanor from the nurses, and honest answers to questions meant a great deal to me, both with their absence (Jersey) and presence (Bayonne).
  • As a new fashion editor, I have experienced everything from subtle shifts in demeanor to snide remarks to outright eye-rolls when people look at my card and see my title.
  • Her credentials and experience are very impressive and her personal demeanor is pleasantly cordial and friendly.
  • Under that smooth talking southern demeanor is a true gritty Alabama born kick-@$$.


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