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What is the meaning of demeanour in Hindi?

Meaning of demeanour in Hindi is : व्यवहार

Definition of word demeanour

  • Alternative spelling of demeanor. (noun)

Examples of word demeanour

  • She may sound highly strung, but her demeanour is admirably grounded.
  • From my observations, their natural demeanour is only to react to anything that polls badly or is in their own interests, so they must be sh! tting themselves.
  • Your demeanour is written down as is whom you are hanging around with.
  • LADY DAINAGON is very small and refined, white, beautiful, and round, though in demeanour very lofty.
  • Akai Ringo is a short high school freshman girl with seemingly cute, angelic looks but a dark demeanour (her name is a Japanese wordplay on "apple" and "Red Riding Hood").