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What is the meaning of demoiselle in Hindi?

Meaning of demoiselle in Hindi is : युवती

Definition of word demoiselle

  • A damselfly of the family Calopterygidae. (noun)
  • A young lady; a damsel; a lady's maid. (noun)
  • The Numidian crane (Antropoides virgo); so called on account of the grace and symmetry of its form and movements. (noun)

Examples of word demoiselle

  • So, Kristin, where was le mot "demoiselle" in the story?
  • The French word "demoiselle," which might be adequately rendered into Japanese by the term _ojosan_, refers only to those exquisitely slender, graceful, slow-flitting dragon-flies known to the scientist by the name of Calopteryx.
  • This "demoiselle" was the type of a woman who is never to be met with except in Paris.
  • "demoiselle" now rides "Sin-fin's" Irish hunters, we may believe, if we wish, that a rickety piano formed the basis of an international romance.
  • The cafe crowd howled, the girl's mother growled, and certain susceptibles felt sympathy for the demoiselle whose hapless heart lived itself out loud.


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