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What is the meaning of deployed in Hindi?

Meaning of deployed in Hindi is :

Definition of word deployed

  • Simple past tense and past participle of deploy. (verb)

Examples of word deployed

  • The term deployed is precise, premeditated and deliberate because taken to its logical end Dodo software is just lousy and unimaginative thoughtware - follow it to the 'T' and don't be surprise if it you end sitting in a cave picking ticks off your mate while the rest pick entrails to make sense of the destiny of mankind's fate.
  • And so, all day long, we were treated to mispronunciations and sports analogies and comparisons to gambling -- a term deployed with the intent of instilling an underlying seediness until Senator John Ensign stepped in to momentarily defend his Las Vegas constituents.
  • In fact, the 2010 New START Treaty signed by the United States and Russia does provide for a reduction of some 30 percent in deployed strategic warheads on the part of these two dominant nuclear powers.
  • March 1983 my flight was once again deployed to meet a possible threat by Libya as his forces threaten Chad.
  • Watching his mendacity being deployed is a distasteful business, the more so when he bullies his way out of the question with a verbal vomit of questionable statistics.


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