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What is the meaning of depressed in Hindi?

Meaning of depressed in Hindi is :

Definition of word depressed

  • Simple past tense and past participle of depress. (verb)
  • unhappy, and blaming oneself rather than others; despondent (adjective)
  • Suffering from clinical depression. (adjective)
  • Suffering damaging effects of economic recession. (adjective)

Examples of word depressed

  • My father and I would tell each other and anyone who asked about her that she was still grieving or having a hard time or not feeling well today, but we never used the word depressed.
  • The word "depressed" doesn't really mean anything.
  • There is a medical report which describes a single injury to Benazir Bhutto what they call a depressed open fracture just above her right ear.
  • The Charlotte Community Association says the marina project would be a good fix for what it calls a depressed area for housing and business development.
  • But the recovery has yet to reach the housing sector, where prices remain depressed and foreclosures are on the rise.


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