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What is the meaning of depressed in Hindi?

Meaning of depressed in Hindi is : рдк

Definition of word depressed

  • Simple past tense and past participle of depress. (verb)
  • unhappy, and blaming oneself rather than others; despondent (adjective)

Examples of word depressed

    • My father and I would tell each other and anyone who asked about her that she was still grieving or having a hard time or not feeling well today, but we never used the word depressed.
    • The word "depressed" doesn't really mean anything.
    • There is a medical report which describes a single injury to Benazir Bhutto what they call a depressed open fracture just above her right ear.
    • The Charlotte Community Association says the marina project would be a good fix for what it calls a depressed area for housing and business development.
    • It saddens me that so many people are apathetic to politics, but what makes me all out depressed is most of the few people who do care are so ideologically blinkered that they are incapable of actually processing information or arguments.
    • Economists have long worried that millions of people who have lost jobs in depressed areas like construction don't qualify for work in growing sectors like health care.
    • But the recovery has yet to reach the housing sector, where prices remain depressed and foreclosures are on the rise.