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What is the meaning of depression in Hindi?

Meaning of depression in Hindi is : विषाद

Definition of word depression

  • an area that is lower in topography than its surroundings (noun)

Examples of word depression

  • In fact, the word depression has virtually replaced unhappiness in our internal vocabularies.
  • If she took on too much, if she became overly excited, she could tumble into a state of despair for which the term "depression" seems rather mild.
  • One cold shower and two cold beers later: stress, and its darker cousin depression, is a serious problem in Japan, I feel, but not one that is very well understood.
  • After World War II, the term depression lapsed into disuse, because economic downturns became milder and rarely involved general deflation (price declines).
  • I had never heard of the word depression when I was a child.
  • "Just as the NBER does not define the term depression or identify depressions, there is no formal NBER definition or dating of the Great Depression," the bureau's website says.