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What is the meaning of deprive in Hindi?

Meaning of deprive in Hindi is : हटा लेना

Definition of word deprive

  • To take something away (and keep it away); deny someone of something. (verb)

Examples of word deprive

  • I. iv.73 (183,1) deprive your sovereignty] I believe _deprive_ in this place signifies simply to _take away_.
  • She therefore, casting a look towards Orlando, much less sweet than those she had favored him with towards the beginning of the evening, assented with a smirk to the proposal of his brother – and immediately joined the dancers; while Orlando, trembling lest some new interruption should again deprive him of the sight of Monimia, hastened to find Selina, to whom he beckoned, and whispered to her to come around another way, where he would meet her, that their going out together might not be remarked.
  • The editors of the Promptorium thought it necessary at times to give a brief explanation of the English word to be translated; thus the Latin translation of the word deprive is preceded by the explanation "put awey a thyng or taken awey ffrom anoder."
  • Thats why I told Joe I would no longer spend time with him if it meant he had to "deprive" himself of, or seek permission from Erin.
  • Certain special hygienic conditions, -- such as deprive the patient of those surroundings which are essential to the preservaion of his system in its normal status.


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