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What is the meaning of deregulate in Hindi?

Meaning of deregulate in Hindi is : नियम हटाना

Definition of word deregulate

  • To remove the regulations from. (verb)

Examples of word deregulate

  • "They said investors will not come in until you deregulate, that is too simplistic, pedestrian, in other words, you are not in government, you are not a leader, if you are a leader, you cannot say the oil industry will fall into the hands of some cabal," he said.
  • Second of all, deregulate -- in other words, get government snoopers out of the picture, which only lets the swindlers hide their losses for a while, until the truth becomes too plain and we the taxpayers foot the bill.
  • They decided to "deregulate" Genetically Engineered "GE" alfalfa, meaning to allow its unrestricted use with no controls.
  • And then the Big Wall Street Banks, and their conservative and Republican enablers -- convinced Congress to "deregulate" Wall Street and repeal the Glass-Steagall Act in the 1990's and the results are there for everyone to see.
  • Another Presidential aspirant is directed to "deregulate" as Rove reveals Republicans do or do not.


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