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What is the meaning of derelict in Hindi?

Meaning of derelict in Hindi is : स्वेच्छ

Definition of word derelict

  • Abandoned, forsaken; (of ship) abandoned at sea; dilapidated, neglected. (adjective)
  • Negligent in performing a duty. (adjective)
  • Property abandoned by its former owner, especially a ship abandoned at sea. (noun)
  • An abandoned or forsaken person; an outcast. (noun)
  • A homeless and/or jobless person; a person who is (perceived as) negligent in their personal affairs and hygiene. (This sense is a modern development of the preceding sense.) (noun)

Examples of word derelict

  • Who wants to live in derelict, isolating urban sprawl, anyway?
  • Richards shows Brown agonising about how to raise the living standards of the poor – a concern that never animated Tony Blair – by finding stealthy means to fund public services, which, as he reminds us, were close to being in derelict when Labour took power.
  • Christ I still remember with fear when the dog handler used to get the probationers on night shift to hide for them in derelict bulidings or woodland -
  • Now that this derelict is discovered, that secret is at risk of being revealed.
  • In the background, as the hallway monitor told me an anecdote about street wise teachers who brought in derelict vehicles for a free paint job courtesy of teen vandals, was the mandatory Multiculturalism is Strength mural.


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