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What is the meaning of dern in Hindi?

Meaning of dern in Hindi is :

Definition of word dern

  • Hidden; secret; private. (adjective)
  • A secret; secrecy. (noun)
  • A secret place; hiding. (noun)
  • An obscure language. (noun)
  • Darkness; obscurity. (noun)
  • To hide; secrete, as in a hole. (verb)
  • To hide oneself; skulk. (verb)

Examples of word dern

  • The 1789 quotation is from Webster, who takes darn as in darn sweet to be descended from the older word dern, originally meaning
  • Some kind of dern Noah, gathering up critters two by two? sophisticated Joe Walker asked.
  • I longs to jest call the dern'd fellow out into the bushes, and ax him for a showing of his pockets. "
  • He dismissed the idea that raising taxes alone might help erase the deficit, saying "raising taxes doesn't do a dern thing" to address health care costs that are projected to be a big driver of future fiscal problems.
  • However, Republicans are still upset about Pelosi, Health Care Reform, Clinton, Woodstock, the internet, paying ANY taxes, not having enough guns, Obama's first presidential order to ban all guns, their definition of Socialism being at odds with the actual definition and that that dern rap Music.


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