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What is the meaning of descant in Hindi?

Meaning of descant in Hindi is : द्रुत उतार चढ़ाव के साथ गाना

Definition of word descant

  • A lengthy discourse on a subject (noun)
  • a counterpoint melody sung or played above the theme (noun)
  • To discuss at length. (verb)
  • To sing or play a descant. (verb)

Examples of word descant

  • African descant, which is why they dominant most sports where this explosive power is an asset.
  • We think Mr. Hazlitt's notes are, in the main, good; but we should like to know his authority for saying that _pench_ means "the hole in a bench by which it was taken up," -- that "descant" means
  • To 'descant' meant to sing or play an _extempore_ second 'part' to a written melody.
  • Now a "descant" is a variation imposed upon a plain-song.
  • This tone, with a long descant at the beginning of each verse, and a long and solemn conclusion, represents the weeping of the Church over His death.


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