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What is the meaning of desensitise in Hindi?

Meaning of desensitise in Hindi is :

Definition of word desensitise

  • Alternative spelling of desensitize. (verb)

Examples of word desensitise

  • That quote is from Scientists look to 'desensitise' kids to food allergens by Stephen Daniells on the FoodNavigator-USA. com site.
  • This is, at least, a far more interesting debate than the unfounded fear that computer games, like gory films, cause violent behaviour over time or at least 'desensitise' the young to violence.
  • The research team also believes that the new, safer peanut could also be used to help desensitise sufferers.
  • A perennial criticism of violence in films is that it's liable to desensitise the viewer.
  • I think that government and police are doing these things quite deliberately to desensitise and cower the population.


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