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What is the meaning of desensitize in Hindi?

Meaning of desensitize in Hindi is :

Definition of word desensitize

  • to cause to become less sensitive or insensitive (verb)

Examples of word desensitize

  • Army Ranger Handbook and the Transportation Security Administration's standard operational practices for airport screening, and encouraged conducting "fake operations" such as leaving bags that appear to be suspicious packages in public places to "desensitize" federal agents.
  • However, for those at highest risk of severe influenza infection, a method is available to "desensitize" people to the egg proteins in the vaccine (see Egg Allergies).
  • If it were possible to "desensitize" all such bad words, what do you then have to take their place in communication?
  • CHRIS LARSON-FERGUSON: It was hard at first, but I kind of desensitize, got better at it and you know, ended up having fun on my dates and actually meeting people that were interesting.
  • The idea: to gradually "desensitize" her to situations that produce anxiety, from sitting in an aircraft on the runway to flying through turbulence to landing on a bumpy airstrip.


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