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What is the meaning of designer in Hindi?

Meaning of designer in Hindi is : समनुविधाता

Definition of word designer

  • A person who designs, as profession. (noun)
  • Created by a designer, especially a fashion designer. (adjective)

Examples of word designer

    • Employee and aspiring graphic designer Brian Maupin-as much as the current spate of online drag and drop tools makes someone a * designer* - got his ass in trouble over
    • You should try asking the director or even better the title designer, Chris Rolf.
    • And there is no doubt in the industry that Dior, one of the most recognizable and influential brands, will be able to attract a name designer as a successor to Mr. Galliano.
    • The name designer on the 1990 layout was Hubert Chesneau, but the consultant was US architect Robert von Hagge, and more often than not, when a consulting architect is brought in, he does the heavy lifting.
    • The problem I have is that the term designer is thrown around too loosely, and it seems that anyone with basic knowledge of CSS / XHTML, or JS, automatically crowns him or herself as a designer.
    • And remember this: the designer is your partner – not a lackey.
    • If a designer is actively interacting with the world/universe then the results of these actions can be tested for their existence or non-existence.