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What is the meaning of desirable in Hindi?

Meaning of desirable in Hindi is : स्पृहणीय

Definition of word desirable

  • Suitable, worthy to be desired. (adjective)
  • A thing that people want; something that is desirable. (noun)

Examples of word desirable

    • To feel and to know that you 'have everything that can make life desirable' is indeed excellent.
    • One variation on this theme would just be that the super-rich would tolerate a lot more risk in their investments than desirable from a social perspective, since they are immunized from risk by the fact they are so far past the point of significant marginal returns.
    • Such a change would allow for more competitive contracting in the longer term and may be desirable from the standpoint of cost effectiveness.
    • And positions in desirable funds probably won't be available at a discount for long.
    • Corporate Survey Sample Questions Please rate your overall impression of these (programs you are familiar with) EMBA programs, i.e. how desirable is a degree from the program?


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