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What is the meaning of desirous in Hindi?

Meaning of desirous in Hindi is : इच्छुक

Definition of word desirous

  • Feeling desire; eagerly wishing; solicitous; eager to obtain; covetous. (adjective)

Examples of word desirous

  • Oh yeah, your dad is still kicking your ass, your livelihood is threatened by a fickle public, and the pressure is on you to do something to stay relevant ... remain desirous ...
  • Such an affection has he for his country, and so truly desirous is he of the welfare of it, that he would be content to lie under the imputation of a false prophet, so that their ruin might be prevented.
  • The Sub – Prior readily obeyed the first part of the Abbot’s injunction, but paused upon the second — “It is Friday, most reverend,” he said in Latin, desirous that the hint should escape, if possible, the ears of the stranger.
  • Governor N.N. January 3rd, 2009 JAMMU - Jammu and Kashmir chief minister-designate Omar Abdullah Sunday said he was 'desirous' of talking to separatist leaders from the state.
  • Limbaugh said that the media is "desirous" of seeing Black QBs like Philly's McNabb do well.


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