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What is the meaning of desist in Hindi?

Meaning of desist in Hindi is : हाथ उठाना

Definition of word desist

  • To cease to proceed or act; to stop; to forbear; -- often with from. (verb)

Examples of word desist

  • The committee has been "ordered to cease and desist from the use of campaign literature" from Fenty's primary campaign.
  • They did not desist from the work until the Wazir ordered a number of his people to remove to this city with their families.
  • We have received a letter to desist from the creation of the Stargate: Source mod.
  • We can ourselves bear witness to the "hardness of the pavement" below, which Captain Wentworth feared would cause "too great a jar" when he urged the young lady to desist from the fatal leap.
  • God, and therefore they might as well desist from the building of the temple.


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