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What is the meaning of despotic in Hindi?

Meaning of despotic in Hindi is : स्वेच्छाकारी

Definition of word despotic

  • Of or pertaining to a despot or tyrant. (adjective)
  • Acting or ruling as a despot, tyrannical. (adjective)

Examples of word despotic

    • The US is approaching what I call despotic, with police carrying out absolutisic policy in the streets among our children.
    • I understand that to be an A level history student you need to have a wide grasp of specialised vocabulary but can i realy be blamed for never hearing the word despotic before?
    • What must these men think today, these men like Benes and Masaryk who had seen their nation freed from those who held it in despotic control and given an opportunity to become a first rate democratic power.
    • The Russian government, being despotic, is naturally inclined to be suspicious, and it has long been the custom to send off persons supposed to be dangerous to the state, to live in the intensely cold and remote district of Siberia.
    • Typical communist and Marxist crud coming from the Central American so called "leadership" that I call despotic scum who's main contributions to the world consist of tourism for the


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