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What is the meaning of destitute in Hindi?

Meaning of destitute in Hindi is : हीन

Definition of word destitute

  • Lacking something; devoid; especially lacking money; poor, impoverished, poverty-stricken. (adjective)

Examples of word destitute

  • The number of destitute is greatly reduced, there is strong national pride, and the general populace is VERY optimistic about where they are going.
  • But men scarcely take pleasure at all in these things, at least those whom we call destitute of self-control do not, but only in the actual enjoyment which arises entirely from the sense of Touch, whether in eating or in drinking, or in grosser lusts.
  • Charlottesville to open a pay school for colored pupils, but had not been successful, and having used all her money was in destitute circumstances so she came to us for aid and sympathy.
  • As they rode home they passed a row of almshouses that Gifford had built and endowed for the widows of small Catholic tradesmen who had been left in destitute circumstances.
  • Nor is even the first heroine of the name destitute of a certain strange beauty in her fierceness, or of honesty in the midst of perverted passion and passionate perversity.


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