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What is the meaning of destroy in Hindi?

Meaning of destroy in Hindi is : हराना

Definition of word destroy

  • To damage beyond use or repair. (verb)
  • To cause destruction. (verb)
  • To neutralize, undo a property or condition. (verb)
  • To put down or euthanize. (verb)
  • To defeat soundly. (verb)
  • To remove data. (verb)

Examples of word destroy

  • read destroy size=`stat $destroy | grep Size | awk 'print $2'`
  • “For Argos, we could have gone to places with real walls and so on, but the problem was I wanted massive destruction, and the best way to destroy is to build,” says Leterrier.
  • It would also eliminate the word "destroy" when used to refer to the humane euthanasia of a sick, injured or suffering animal.
  • What took years to destroy is not going to be fixed in 200 days.
  • We need only sit back and watch Griffin destroy himself - his fragile mental state was ably demonstrated by his 'hanging' pronouncement yesterday, trumpeted with a fanfare and withdrawn within hours.


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